Become Super Effective – Thresh 5.7

This article is still under construction. Comment your thoughts on how to improve this further.

Skill Maximization Order –

R > E > W > Q

(Ultimate > Flay > Lantern > Hook)

Pick Thresh When:
  • Assassins are picked early by the opposition; he’s a tough target to kill in one spell rotation.
  • Your ADC is immobile and will be in need of heavy peel.
  • The opposing carries lack escape abilities
  • Your team already has a primary tank; Thresh cannot solo frontline effectively.
  • You plan to make picks and snowball advantages based on your teammates’ picks.
5 Things To Keep In Mind:
  • Souls are to be treated as minions kills are for a carry (collect all souls that can be collected safely).
  • Thresh does not gain armor per level; basic attacks hurt early without armor from runes.
  • Take your time – his kit is all skillshots; poor play is severely punished regardless of the enemy skill level.
  • Thresh is significantly weaker if denied souls; this impacts both his damage and tankiness.
  • Only pull yourself onto a hooked target if you’re sure the situation is advantageous to your team.

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