Entering 5.7: Underrated Top Laners


  • Safe laning against nearly all melee Champions with sustain on W.
  • Passive allows mistakes in lane without heavy punishment, can trade your passive for a kill with Ignite.
  • Arguably a resourceless Champion due to HP costs and high HP sustain/lifesteal.
  • Easy to gank for pre-6 — 1 second knockup on Q.
  • Pre-6 tower dives with Jungler are a breeze with your Passive ready.
  • (Resourceless) Cone-shaped nuke on E.
  • AoE, low cooldown ultimate with superb self-buff — makes him a great duelist and immovable from lane.
  • High damage potential with 5 defensive items.
  • The enemy team is often punished for focusing you.


  • The tank meta makes his ultimate very potent.
  • Very strong duelist pre-6 — low cooldown on Q is an autoattack reset and it decreases their attack speed.
  • Great for baiting kills with mobility from W and the knockup/slow from E.
  • Passive makes him hard to send back to base.
  • Immense damage and chase potential without items.
  • Having 2 slows, a knockup, and a move speed increase can turn even a poor gank into First Blood.
  • Any fight in the jungle can be changed completely by a pillar blocking entrances/exit routes.


  • Incredible bully at levels 1 and 2 versus melee Champions with the bonus damage that comes from Valor.
  • Q prevents most damage the enemy tries to return.
  • E keeps you out of their attack range, or can close the gap for easy harassment with a brief knockup.
  • Bounce off the Jungler with E to avoid ganks as along as you’re prepared.
  • Easy to gank other lanes with your ultimate and return in time to save your turret.
  • Scout objectives like buff camps, Dragon, and Baron with W (helps your Jungler steal large objectives).
  • Solid duelist, but needs items to be effective. Games need to be ended before your lack of tankiness hurts.


  • Percentage based damage makes 1v1ing tanks a breeze, especially with BotRK.
  • Can choose Hydra to instantly clear waves — forcing the opponent to farm under turret.
  • Very mobile for a tanky Champion with move speed increase from W.
  • Can pick up ranged creeps with E when behind, but generally a very easy Champion to farm with.
  • Q, W, and E synergize very well together for immense damage level 3 and onward. Land E, W for damage and chasing, Q resets auto attack to proc E’s bonus damage twice automatically.
  • Easy Champion to get the hang of, but must be self-reliant. Look to bully or be bullied.
  • Shyvana is the Champion to pick if you like Riven’s style, but struggle with Riven mechanically.


  • Lots of build diversity, lots of items work for him. Half of the fun is trying new stuff and playing differently.
  • Very easy to play: basic attacks make your spells cost nothing. Harass is free of charge.
  • 1 damage ability, 1 sustain ability, 1 buff, AoE slow ultimate.
  • Simply put, it’s easy to force people out of lane while remaining at full health with a decent amount of mana.
  • If you fall behind, a Sightstone works both as a comeback item as well as a core item to help prevent ganks.
  • He’s very fast, and his heavy slow makes it easy for your jungler to gank and get kills early.

6 thoughts on “Entering 5.7: Underrated Top Laners

    1. In my experience, on Aatrox your team often should pick their fights rather than be initiated upon. Aatrox follows up well by getting the opposition to waste abilities on a Champion that will come back to life. The passive is basically a free Zhonyas Hourglass where your teammates can do whatever they like for a couple seconds while Aatrox regenerates.

      I agree, though, that Aatrox is near useless in teamfights that his passive is unavailable for.

      Thanks for the comment.

      1. Great list and great read but…. I’m going to really hate you if I start seeing top nunu’s pop up all over solo-Q. Hes so annoying to play against! Please keep top nunu quiet!

        Agree with all 5, especially trundle hes a BEAST. Wonder if we’ll see him in playoffs

  1. Aatrox is the re-incarnation of tryndamere, but tryndamere is 100% more strong than every toplaner here(vladimir too).

    1. Yeah, Tryn is a nuisance up top. But I go even with him as Aatrox. Pre-6 I have definite kill potential over Tryndamere with the protection of the Blood Well. Seems like a skill match up after that.

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